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I usually take the 100 mg. but the store did not have it so I bought the 200 mg. and it was very easy to cut the pile in half with a pill cutter. I take this to help my sleep and mood and I say it helps both. I have found personally I take it between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM for sleep at 11. I have found if I have taken it later I seem awake. Not sure if there is any thing scientific on that but just me.The pill is easy to swallow and I find a small juice glass of water gets it down.If I have forgotten to take it after two days I can tell as I feel I don't get as good of sleep.




After my mom's unexpected death, I had trouble sleeping at night and was feeling "down" all the time. Of course, this is to be expected after a death of someone close to you.After 9 months of these symptoms, I was starting to really suffer. A friend recommended 5-HTP to help with these issues. I started off taking 2 pills but felt very groggy so I scaled back to one. One pill each night really helps me get a restful sleep. It also helped my overall mood throughout the day. I was no longer "down" all the time. I had more ups than downs in my day. Most importantly, I was getting a full nights sleep and not waking up feeling as if I have not slept.This is a wonderful product for those who are not sleeping well.


Houston, TX


Natrol 5-Htp is a very very excellet Stress relieving Supplement,I've been using this product for a few short weeks and it not only helps with the everyday Stress but I've been Sleeping more soundly and after waking feeling very very rested with no side effects. EXCELLENT PRODUCT.


Port Saint Lucie, FL


5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan 100mg by Natrol, Inc. I bought this Dietary Supplement after doing an Internet search for Natural Migraine Headache Prevention Remedies. The reason that I decided to do this research is because I would occasionally have recurrent Migraine Headaches. I wanted to quit using my Excedrine Migraine Pain Reliever on a regular basis. When my headaches struck, if not remedied at the onset with Excedrin Migraine, one had to be prepared to endure a 5-7 hour episode of head pain, aversion to light and noise, and nausea.Due to the health warnings about the regular use of OTC meds with Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Ibuprophen, I decided to look elsewhere to find some way to help my Migraines from occurring so often. I then preceded to look at natural herbal remedies and what they had to offer.Natrol 5-HTP was listed as one of "The Super Seven Prescriptions for Headaches and their Prevention, in my research compilations. It was repeatedly mentioned, along with some other remedies as a possible way to alleviate my Migraines when taken on a regular basis. It then suggested that one take 50 to 100mg three times a day. Accompanying this suggestion was a study that showed it to be effective in preventing Migraine and Tension Headaches.How does it do this? 5-HTP has a direct effect on serotonin levels which affect circulation in the blood vessels of the brain, and increases the body's endorphin levels (natural painkillers). It cautioned about not taking this supplement if you were taking any pharmaceutical antidepressant or an anti-anxiety medication.I do not take any medication at all. I thought that I would give 5-HTP a reasonable time to perform, and I would be able to observe any side-effects because this was the only supplement in my body.Well, what exactly is 5-HTP? It's a naturally occurring Amino Acid that has been used as a treatment for anti-depression, as an appetite suppressant, and sleep aid. I bought it for Migraine prevention specifically, but, it has been used for these other maladies as well. A new study conducted purported its help in alleviating Migraines or Tension headaches, if taken on a regular basis.According to the instructions, I was to take 50-100mg three times a day. I stared following this procedure for the last week. When I got up in the mornings, I began to notice recurrent headaches upon awakening. In addition I felt so groggy that it took me a few hours to really awaken. I became a little alarmed when I felt so sleepy upon awakening that I had to return to bed for a few hours. And--the headaches were strange. Here I was, taking a herbal supplement to try to prevent Migraine recurrences and it was giving me headaches--every morning. In addition, I was very groggy and nauseous.I quickly looked up possible side-effects for 5-HTP. There they were, as plain as day: headaches, grogginess, impaired concentration, appetite suppression, and nausea. I wasn't sure how this would help with any Migraine prevention therapy because I felt kind of "out of it" when I took this dietary supplement. So, I abruptly quit using them. I felt much better the next morning. I awakened at a reasonable time without residual grogginess and ----no headaches!While looking on the bottle of 5-HTP, it described this supplement as "a drug-free plant derived source of amino acid that naturally increases the body's level of serotonin, the chemical messenger that affects emotions, behavior, appetite, thought, and sleep. Regular use of 5-HTP helps provide a more positive outlook, promotes relaxation, calm and greater appetite control".MY OPINION: I discontinued the use of 5-HTP. While talking with my doctor about my side-effects, he cautioned that "natural" or "plant derived" wasn't necessarily better, and that 5-HTP was not the right supplement for me.I caution you to take this at your own risk. I bought it to use as a Migraine preventative--possibly. It's other side-effects, and they were debilitating, made it impossible to even find out if it would help with Migraine prevention in the long run.So, use this with caution. It may not give you any side-effects, and you actually may find relief. If you are a Migraine sufferer, you will understand my quest to find other natural ways to help manage my condition.Talk with your doctor before beginning any self-help remediation, no matter how promising. While 5-HTP is bought OTC and is listed as a Dietary Supplement, that does not necessarily mean that it is safer to use. It still can adversely affect your health-- Three Stars.


Jupiter, FL


This product actually works wonders for many reasons. Number one it is the next best thing compared to prescriptions for anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia. I have all three and got sick of taken different prescriptions that are costly and had so many side effects it totally made them not worth the trauma. I started to take these and they work just as well. They work wonders for pain associated with depressiona and fibromyalgia. If I don't take these for a few days the pain comes right back. They are great to get your mood leveled out, after a few days you can feel them working. I have noticed one thing, it seems when I take them they cause a slight weight gain. In my case I gained a few pounds. I stopped taking them for a few days and the weight came off. I am pretty sure it is the pills. Also, they are suppose to make your appetite better, but I haven't noticed to much of a difference. I would recommend them for pain because without them I wouldn't know how to get through my day.


Newcomerstown, OH


I remember one year when I became very sick and couldn't figure out why. The diagnosis by my doctor eventually discovered that I was fighting off a huge virus and was actually winning the battle. But the toil and stress it took on my body left me completely fatigued. As a result my doctor suggested I start taking a daily dosage of vitamin supplements. One of these included**Natrol 5-HTP**.****5-HTP (or 5-Hydroxytryptophan) helps the body to naturally increase the body's own serotonin level. To get all scientific for a minute, serotinin is a chemical compound found throughout the body and a large concentrated dosage seem to like swimming around the brain. In other words having all this serotonin in the brain acts as a conductor that helps regulate mood and behaviour.Apparently having just the right amount of serotonin in the body is a good thing as it helps maintain a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Not having enough is going to be murder, probably more so for the people around you who are experiencing your grumpy and crabby attitude.And I have seen the effects when I miss a dosage or two. My mood goes south and I do become irritable. I kind of dislike the idea that I need a pill to control my mood but it does help, and I'm glad it does. I've noticed a lot to how impatient I have becoming lately and this has helped me calm things down quite a bit. I guess the older I get, the more my body doesn't function the way it used to.There are 45 capsules in a bottle of**Natrol 5-HTP**, with each capsule containing 50 mg per serving. It is recommended that a person takes 1 capsule daily with a meal. My doctor recommended that I take 2 capsules (100 mg) daily every morning*(I guess he figured I was that moody)*. My moodiness comes from the fact that I go through a bottle pretty quickly since I have to take 2 a day, and considering there are 45 capsules in a bottle... well, do the math.As always, do consult your doctor to see if this is right for you. After all, if you have a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating, then you might have a bit of problem.I've been taking**Natrol 5-HTP**daily since January of 2006 and can honestly say it has improved my lifestyle and my mood. If anything it has calmed my brain down and I have learned how to relax as a result. Well, relax more than before though I am waiting for the day when I can honestly say that I am *completely* relaxed.


Mahwah, NJ


5-Htp by Natrol is one of the most affordable and quality products used as a supplement to maintain mental and emotional health. There are several other supplements to aid with anxiety, stress, overall neuro-hormonal balance and to restore sleeping patterns. It may also aid in controlling eating habits. 5-HTP helps to restore your body's serotonin levels, which is responsible for many functions in the body and mind.Natrol brand is the most inexpensive supplement brand in my experience while offering consistently high quality standards and offering the least amount of added extra ingredients commonly used as "filler" which many people avoid.ALWAYS consult with your physician before taking any OTC supplement and definitely contact your physician prior to taking 5-HTP if you are on ANY prescriptions (especially antidepressants) or herbal or non-herbal OTC supplements.


North Wales, PA




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