Dermal Filler Injection in Abu Dhabi | Cost and Price (2023)

As one age, different aging signs appear on the face involving the loss of volume, the appearance of wrinkles and facial creases, and the spread of scars. We have introduced the best dermal fillers to treat such issues and to restore the lost volume as well as a charm because when the tissues on the face start to shrink/thin, lines and crinkles start to appear and the hollowness of the cheeks becomes more notable. So experience the best experience of transforming dull and aged skin into a tight younger one with Dermal Fillers Injections in Abu Dhabi with us!

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Quick Facts:

  • Procedure time: less than 1 hour
  • Results last: for months to years
  • Side Effects: swelling or discomfort on the skin
  • Downtime: no downtime
  • Procedure type: Non-invasive procedure

Essence of Treatment:

The injections contain solutions that stay under the skin and provide the person

  • With restoring the lost volume and elasticity on the face and hands.
  • It aims to improve a person’s appearance and make them more confident.
  • The hollow parts in a person’s face are filled and wrinkles are smoothed.
  • It is also used to plump the lips, have a defined cheekbone, and smooth the skin of the hands.


There are a number of benefits of the injections. Some of these are mentioned below

  • The injections provide and with long term effects
  • It is cost-saving as the person does not have to spend extra money on expensive skincare products
  • It smoothens out the wrinkles and tightens the skin
  • Lips, cheekbones, and jawline can be enhanced with the injections
  • It restores the lost volume and fills up any hollowness on the face
  • Even the hands can be rejuvenated with the fillers
  • Fillers also help improve the symmetry of the face


The injections result in an improved appearance of the face. There is almost zero downtime after the injections are injected. The results can be seen immediately. However, it takes some time for the fillers to settle. After 2 weeks an improved look can be seen.

Dermal Filler Injection in Abu Dhabi | Cost and Price (1) Dermal Filler Injection in Abu Dhabi | Cost and Price (2) Dermal Filler Injection in Abu Dhabi | Cost and Price (3)

Ideal Candidate:

  • A medically fit and mentally prepared person is ideal for the injections
  • Someone who wishes to rejuvenate their looks
  • A person who does not want permanent results and just wants to enhance their appearance
  • Somebody who does not smoke as smoking affects the healing process
  • An individual with realistic expectations

How Does it Work?

The process works by injecting specific gel-like substances with the help of injections in the desired area. The substance smoothens out the wrinkles and causes facial contouring. The main component of the injections is hyaluronic acid which maintains the hydration level of the skin and enhances its elasticity.

Our trained professional will inject the filler into the targeted area like cheeks, lips and mouth. The injections are done with a cannula or needle. When these fillers are injected they provide volume. The production of collagen starts improving the appearance and texture.

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Types of Dermal Fillers in Our Clinic:

Lip Fillers:

A popular type of dermal filler that is used to add volume to the lips to make them plump and enhanced. Girls who want a pouty appearance goes for this treatment.

Undereye fillers:

A cosmetic procedure which contains hyaluronic acid to treat the dark circles present around the eyes. Spots formed due to tears are also treated by the procedure.

Sculptra fillers:

This filler contains poly-lactic acid to remove the wrinkles from your skin. This is the non-invasive procedure in which Sculptra is injected. The results get visible immediately after the process.

Volbella Fillers:

This is a Juvederm dermal filler which is FDA-approved to add volume to the lip area and to eliminate the creases and smoothen lines.

Cheek fillers:

To enhance the cheek volume and to get more defined cheeks you need to get these fillers. The fillers will result in an attractive look which means that you will look more pretty and beautiful.

Body fillers-Butt Filler:

With these fillers, the shape and contours of the butts enhance resulting in a more body structure. As it contains hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in the body there is no chance of infection.


The skincare specialist has a detailed discussion with the individual about the issues and expectations from the procedure. The specialist then carries out a test to make sure the patient is not allergic to the solutions used.

Then the surgeon plans the treatment according to the expectations and goals of the recipient. To prepare the individual for the procedure, a list of instructions is given to be followed.

The candidate is to avoid taking any blood-thinning medications and smoking for days before and after the procedure.

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  • The procedure is usually very simple to perform and only takes a few minutes. It takes approx 30 min or an hour to inject the solution into the skin.
  • First, the skin is thoroughly cleaned to avoid any infections due to bacteria on the skin
  • The area to be injected is then marked
  • Numbing cream is applied to keep the discomfort to a minimum
  • Injections are prepared by filling them with solutions.
  • Once the area being treated is numbed, the surgeon injects the fillers using a fine needle.

Aftercare and Recovery:

After the injections, the recipient is to follow the instructions of the surgeon to achieve optimum results. The person is to avoid extensive workouts and direct exposure to the sun. For the first few hours, they are to stay in an upright position.

The recovery usually does not take a lot of time. The bruising and redness, that a person may experience, fades away in a few days and the solution settles under the skin providing an even improved appearance.

Side Effects:

There are some minor side effects that usually only take a few days to fade away. These may include redness, bruises, or swelling on the site of injection.

If performed by an inexperienced person, there can be major side effects as well. So it is advised to go to an experienced surgeon to get the injections.


The average cost of Dermal Filler in Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 600 to AED 2000. The actual cost of the injections depends on the amount of filler used and its type. The area of injections also affects the total cost of the treatment. It is determined by the surgeon after the initial consultation.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results depend on the type of fillers used. Some may be long-lasting while others may provide temporary results. It depends on the expectations of the recipients. In order to get long-lasting results, the injections can be repeated.

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How Commonly Can I Get Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers can be received after every 5 to 6 months to maintain the results for a long time. The limit is sometimes 7 to 9 months for some people.

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Can you Sit After Butt Body Fillers?

After the fillers, you can sit easily but you should avoid hard exercises and shower. You can do your daily routine work in a normal way.

What Should be Avoided after the dermal fillers?

  • Do not show your skin to heat
  • Eliminate the pressure applied to the treated area
  • Avoid alcohol consumption

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

You will need 1 to 2 days for the recovery aftr the process. Mostly, the candidates can return to their normal activities on the same day.

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Can I Sleep After Dermal Fillers?

Yes, you can sleep after the process but it should be on your back. When it is the first night after the treatment you should sleep in an elevated position, this helps with the swelling and redness.

How Long Do They Last?

The effects of the dermal fillers last generally around 9 to 18 months. The impacts fluctuate with the type of fillers and the areas where it is used.

Will The Outcomes Give Natural Results?

No, the results achieved by the process are natural and professional that enhance your features and making you look more defined.

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How much is the filler in UAE? ›

Filler Injections Cost in Dubai varies from AED 1,500 to AED 5,000. Surgical skin rejuvenation procedures tend to be a bit costly but Filler Injections treatment is not like them. It is reasonably priced and presents amazing results for most patients.

How much do dermal fillers cost in Dubai? ›

Sculptra Fillers – starts at 2500 AED. Belotero Fillers – starts at 1500 AED. Volift Fillers – starts at 2500 AED.

How much does 1 ml of filler cost? ›

She is also certified in Laser Technology. The average cost of dermal fillers depends on many different factors such as the type of filler you're getting, how much filler you're getting, the injector's experience, and more. Face fillers cost anywhere from $500 to $1,300 for 1mL of product.

How much is 1 filler syringe? ›

How much is in one syringe of filler? Most fillers come in a syringe with 1mL of product. That is approximately 1/5th of a teaspoon.

What filler brands are available in UAE? ›

The most widely-used fillers in Dubai clinics are FDA approved Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers: Juvederm (Ultra XC and XC Plus, VOLUMA, VOLBELLA, VOLLURE), Restylane (Silk, Lyft, Refyne, Defyne, Kysse, Contour), Belotero Balance, Revanesse Versa and the RHA collection (2,3,4).

How much is Juvederm in Dubai? ›

On average, you are expected to pay AED 1750 to AED 3000– the cost of Juvederm Filler in Dubai. This range might fluctuate depending upon the number of syringes to be used. Though, thicker versions of Juvederm cost slightly more. Meet our experts to assess the ideal cost for your unique concern.

Is Dubai good for cosmetic surgery? ›

The answer is yes – Dubai has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. This is because there is a lot of competition among cosmetic clinics in Dubai, and they all want to be known as the best.

Is Botox expensive in Dubai? ›

What is the Price of Botox Injections in Dubai? The average botox injection cost in Dubai is 42 AED per unit. The entire treatment cost can vary from person to person due to several factors, some of which are discussed below.

Who can administer dermal fillers in Dubai? ›

Dermal Fillers

The Foundation and Advanced levels attain a Level 7 on the industry-recognised qualification. The Advanced Level is only for existing medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists.

How long does 1 syringe of filler last? ›

A client who opts for one full syringe of filler can expect their results to last between 6 months to 1.5 years. Those who opt for half a syringe of filler can expect their results to last for a maximum of 6 months.

How many syringes is 1 ml of filler? ›

It is worth noting that one syringe of dermal filler only contains 1 ml of product, which is equal to one fifth of a teaspoon.

Is 2 ml filler enough? ›

Most people only need 1mL of dermal filler to enhance their whole face. The amount of filler injected will be different for every person, depending on the area they're trying to treat.

How much is 2 syringes of Voluma? ›

Voluma is available for around $900-1200 per syringe, though most individuals will require more than one syringe per application. The average treatment cost is around $2,600, but can be as high as $4,000.

Is one syringe of filler enough? ›

Generally, one syringe provides a mild or moderate enhancement to the cheeks or lips. In short, yes, one syringe of filler can make a difference. However, if you want an exaggerated result, or have lost a large amount of volume you may require additional syringes.

How many syringes of filler for face? ›

Starting in our mid 30's we begin to lose approximately 1cc of volume in the facial area per year. Because of this, most patients require 1 syringe of filler per decade of life. So, for a full correction at 40 years old, you would need about 4 syringes.

Which cosmetic is best in Dubai? ›

Top Cosmetics Companies in Dubai
  • L'Oreal Middle East. UAE, Saudi Arabia.
  • Tang & Mora. UAE.
  • Estee Lauder Companies. UAE, Kuwait and 1 more.
  • Madi International - UAE. UAE, Saudi Arabia and 3 more.
  • Madi International - Lebanon. UAE, Kuwait and 2 more.
  • B. & R. ...
  • The Nail Spa. UAE.
  • Damas Jewellery. UAE, Saudi Arabia and 2 more.

Which fillers last the longest? ›

Juvederm and Restylane fillers last longer than other fillers. Juvederm and Restylane are currently the longest-lasting and most durable dermal fillers on the market. Juvederm and Restylane are families of hyaluronic acid fillers with numerous possible formulations.

What type of filler is best? ›

Hyaluronic acid fillers, as the name suggests, are made from hyaluronic acid. This is a protective lubricating gel which is naturally produced by your body. These fillers are the most popular filler on the market today because they are soft, they create a natural appearance, and they are incredibly safe, and versatile.

How much is 1 full syringe of juvederm? ›

Juvéderm Voluma Cost

of Juvéderm Voluma is used to help add volume to the cheek area of the face. In general, some of the thinner Juvéderm products range from $600-$800 per syringe. Longer lasting Juvéderm products range from $900-1,000 per syringe category.

How much is in one syringe of juvéderm? ›

Most filler syringes contain 1.0 ml (milliliters or cc) of product. This includes products such as Restylane and Juvéderm–which also includes Voluma, Vollure, Ultra, and Volbella. Some fillers do come in larger (e.g., Radiesse-1.5 ml) or smaller sizes but let's discuss the vastly more commonly used 1.0 ml syringes.

How much is 1 ml syringe of juvederm? ›

What is the average Juvederm Cost per Syringe range? The cost for treatment will vary with the provider and the city where you live. The average Juvederm price for one mL syringe nationally runs between $600 and $1300. It may take more than one syringe to achieve the results you want.

Which country is known for the best plastic surgery? ›

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world and is known for its innovative, leading-edge plastic surgery procedures as well as its accredited hospitals.

Which country is known best for cosmetic surgery? ›

South Korea is home to some of the best plastic surgeons who stay on the cutting edge on keeping up with advancements and technological advancements in their fields. Plastic surgeons in Korea stay on top of medical trends both at home and abroad by attending workshops, conferences, and other industry events.

Which country is best for surgery? ›

Many people travel to Costa Rica for medical treatment because of the country's reputation for excellence in areas such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and fertility treatments, as well as for alternative or complementary therapies such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

How much is lip filler in Dubai? ›

How Much do Lip Fillers Cost? The average cost of lip fillers in Dubai is 1500 AED per syringe. You can discuss your procedure expectations with a dermatologist to get a more accurate price estimate for this treatment. The exact price of lip fillers may depend on the following factors.

How much is a unit of Botox in Dubai? ›

Botox & Fillers Cost

The average starting price of Botox is AED 42 per unit. Whereas, the cost of injectable fillers starts from AED 1500. This cost can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Therefore, you should consult with an expert to know the exact cost.

How much is facial treatment in Dubai? ›

Microdermabrasion, prices start as low as AED 110 and reach upto AED 500 per session with an average price of AED 305 per session.

Are face fillers allowed in Islam? ›

The teachings of Islam are focused on developing inner beauty and not prioritising your outward physical appearance. Permanent physical changes, such as cosmetic enhancements and interventions are not permitted because they are seen as altering and changing the creation of Allah.

Who Cannot get dermal fillers? ›

Dermal fillers may not be appropriate for people with certain conditions, such as bleeding disorders or some allergies. If your health care provider confirms that dermal fillers are an option for you, know that all medical products have benefits and risks.

Who Cannot have dermal fillers? ›

You cannot be breast-feeding or pregnant or under the age of 18 when receiving dermal filler treatment. Those with a history of anaphylaxis, multiple severe allergies or a history of allergy to gram-positive bacterial proteins should not have the injections.

What fillers last 5 years? ›

Bellafill® is a dermal filler that replaces lost volume in the skin for correction that is both immediate and longer-lasting than other types of fillers. Unlike temporary fillers, Bellafill is the only dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth long term to help maintain your youthful appearance for up to 5 years.

What happens when you stop getting fillers? ›

What happens when you stop getting filler? “Patients who were filled 'normally' shouldn't have any issues. The filler either sits around harmlessly or slowly metabolizes over time,” says Dr. Talei.

How much do fillers cost? ›

On average, cheek filler costs between $600 to $1,200 per syringe, and Dr. Hartman notes that most people need two to three during one treatment (so, you know, do your math).

How much does 1 ml cheek filler cost? ›

Price 150 per 1 ml. All treatments performed by qualified medical doctors, who are trainers as well for injectable procedures.

How much does Juvederm fillers cost? ›

The size of the treatment area and how much filler you need to achieve your desired results will affect how much Juvederm® your treatment requires. The national average cost for Juvederm® is $750 per treatment session. Juvederm® prices are affected by where you live and your provider's skill and experience.

Do fillers look better over time? ›

The Results Improve Over Time

Because these injections stimulate your body's production of collagen and elastin, the final results of treatment won't be seen for several weeks. Even as the hyaluronic acid is processed by your body, healthy collagen and elastin grow at a more significant rate.

Are dermal fillers worth it? ›

A dermal filler treatment can help to rejuvenate the skin and enhance shape or fullness in specific areas of the face. They have the bonus of reducing wrinkles, fading fine lines, reversing the loss of volume and rehydrating deeper skin layers.

Is 4 syringes of filler a lot? ›

4-5 syringes sounds like a lot, but is often required to get the kind of dramatic result some patients desire. And when applied expertly it looks completely natural.

How much is 2 syringes of juvederm? ›

You may expect to pay an average of $500 to $600 or more for each syringe. Depending on your goals, you may need multiple syringes in one session. Some providers suggest two syringes in one treatment.

Is 3 syringes of filler a lot? ›

Regardless of which dermal filler you use, two or three syringes are almost always recommended in order to achieve the most gorgeous outcomes. The number of needed syringes should not be a determining factor when considering dermal fillers since they are similar across brands and filler types.

Can you get 2 syringes of Juvederm at once? ›

We use fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to create natural looking and feeling lips enhancement. Two syringes of dermal filler will get clients noticeably smoother and plumper and for some clients a true volume change.

How long do dermal fillers last? ›

Deep injections may last as long as 12 months, and newer products on the market may last up to two years.

Do you need less filler over time? ›

Most fillers last between 12 and 24 months meaning that over this time period you can expect to lose about 50% of the filler that has been placed. As you lose filler the treated areas will appear less filled.

How long does it take for dermal fillers to work? ›

Dermal fillers are instant, so you can see a visible result immediately after injection. It takes up to 4 weeks for the filler to fully integrate into the tissue and some fillers are more cohesive than others.

How much is 1 syringe of chin filler? ›

Chin fillers start at $650 per syringe. Depending on your facial structure, we may recommend anywhere from 1-3 syringes — the exact number of syringes needed for chin depends on each individual's baseline anatomy. As with any injectable treatment, it is important to book a consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals.

How much filler is needed for cheeks? ›

So how much cheek filler will you need? Again, it all comes down to the individual and the results they're looking to achieve, but practitioners will generally use 1-3ml cheek filler per cheek.

What is the best filler for cheeks? ›

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are one of the most popular as they have a soft texture to create beautiful results. HA is found naturally in your body, so they dissolve naturally and gradually over time, generally between 6 to 12 months depending on the individual and the product used.

How much do lip fillers cost in Dubai? ›

The average cost of lip fillers in Dubai is 1500 AED per syringe. You can discuss your procedure expectations with a dermatologist to get a more accurate price estimate for this treatment.

What is the average price of Botox in UAE? ›

What is the Price of Botox Injections in Dubai? The average botox injection cost in Dubai is 42 AED per unit.

How much does Botox cost in Dubai? ›

Full face Botox only AED 990 (after discounts). Free consultation with highly qualified and experienced Doctors who are skilled in Aesthetics treatments. Voted amongst the Top 6 Aesthetics clinic in the GCC in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

How much lip filler in Dubai? ›

Lip Fillers/Injections Cost in Dubai fluctuates from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000.

Are Muslims allowed to get lip fillers? ›

The teachings of Islam are focused on developing inner beauty and not prioritising your outward physical appearance. Permanent physical changes, such as cosmetic enhancements and interventions are not permitted because they are seen as altering and changing the creation of Allah.

Does Katrina Kaif have lip fillers? ›

The actress is known for her beauty and amazing screen presence. The actress has gone several plastic surgeries in the past. If one could see the initial pictures of Katrina Kaif then they can easily identify that the actress has undergone several lips surgery.

How much is gummy smile Botox in Dubai? ›

How much does it cost to fix a gummy smile? The average starting cost of gummy smile treatment with Botox injections is 650AED, while the starting price of gummy smile laser recontouring treatment is 5000AED.

Can a dentist inject Botox in Dubai? ›

In many places, including in Dubai, dentists are legally able to offer Botox and dermal filler treatments to their patients for the purposes of therapy such as TMJ treatment as well as cosmesis.

Can you get Botox in Dubai? ›

It is recommended to get Botox treatment only from qualified and experienced Botox doctors or dermatologists. As one of the best Botox clinics in Dubai, Dr. Tarek Aesthetics prides itself on offering top-notch Botox treatment in Dubai, with the best services in the region.

Can you do Botox in Dubai? ›

If you are looking for the best Botox clinic in Dubai, fill in the form below to schedule a consultation with our expert cosmetic surgeon. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we have a team of certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeons. So, book your appointment now.

How much is Botox in Kuwait? ›

Botox doctor fees can vary from clinic to clinic. Fees also depend on factors such as the doctor's expertise, years of experience, and professional training. In Kuwait, doctors charge for Botox treatments between KWD 100 and KWD 600.

What is the cost of Botox injection in India? ›

Botox Price In India For Different Treatments
IndicationsCost ( INR)
Forehead lines2800 – 4000 (8-10 units)
Glabella lines4000 (12 units)
Upper face17700 – 20000 (50-60 units)
Masseter17700 – 20000 (50-60 units)
10 more rows

How many units of Botox for forehead? ›

A forehead botox injection can require between 10 to 50 units needed in the forehead depending on the severity of your wrinkles. Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox suggests the amount of units that's recommended in the “five” sites of the forehead is 4 units.

How much does 1m of lip filler cost? ›

For most people, the total lip filler costs, on average, between $500 and $1500. Here are some of the average costs for different types of lip fillers: Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers: between $400 and $700 per syringe. Bellafill collagen fillers: up to $1000 for one syringe.

How long do lip fillers last? ›

If you wish to increase the size of your lips, see a healthcare provider that specializes in lip fillers to discuss your options. Lip fillers can boost your self-confidence, but you should be aware that they're temporary. On average, you need to get new lip fillers every 12 to 18 months.


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